Intralinks Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint®

The Intralinks Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint® is a powerful software application that your IT department can easily install within your existing Microsoft® SharePoint® infrastructure.  

Make the most of what you have and get work done – easily.

Is all your information centralized and organized internally in SharePoint or Documentum? Are you struggling to find a secure and effective way to enable users to share content beyond the firewall – while maintaining effective security and compliance? Are users finding ‘workarounds’ and sharing files via unsecure consumer-grade file sharing solutions?

Intralinks enables you to share your documents with partners securely beyond the firewall by giving each file its own ‘security pass’ so that you stay in control and can manage who reads it, views it, downloads it – in fact you will benefit from an automatic audit trail, so you can keep your regulatory compliance requirements in check too.