Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Managing critical information and communication

Time is of the essence in today’s restructuring market. Liquidity constraints, risk-averse lenders, falling profitability and general market uncertainty are all beleaguering businesses across the globe. As a result, the timeframe for stabilizing operations, collating an information base, bringing in advisors and mapping out a rigorous restructuring framework has never been so compressed for companies entering a restructuring process. Your bankruptcy or restructuring deal is complex and involves coordinating large numbers of documents and communication among many parties. VDRPro (Intralinks’ virtual data room) streamlines multi-party collaboration and content exchange so you can restructure viable businesses, secure financing or liquidate assets faster.

Streamline your bankruptcy and restructuring deals

Flow chart of how Intralinks helps with bankruptcy and restructuring

Intralinks facilitates the secure, compliant and auditable exchange of information among all parties involved in a restructuring.

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Spend less time managing documents.

Managing a bankruptcy or restructuring deal is a time-sensitive process, involving many parties with multiple agendas. The volume of critical information and communications shared during the process, and related financing or asset sales, can be tremendous, making the process difficult to coordinate and manage. Further, deals that are under court supervision can impose stringent requirements around information sharing and transparency.

With VDRPro, hours previously spent on administrative details and tasks are hours you can now spend focusing on executing restructuring plans or selling assets. Intralinks facilitates the secure, compliant and auditable exchange of information, improving efficiency, collaboration and control among all parties involved in a restructuring. Seamlessly manage court-driven or out-of-court restructuring processes, facilitate document reviews by debtor-in-possession investors, enable creditor and bondholder committees to share reorganization plans, complete court-approved Section 363 asset sales, and facilitate the sale of claims or disposition of assets during a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Improve the efficiency of asset sales and debtor-in-possession financing by enabling your team to:

  • Organize communication, questions and content from debtors, lenders, creditors, advisors, accountants, analysts and legal counsel on a single platform
  • Control access to sensitive documents with access control and information rights management, allowing you to rescind access to document even after they’ve been downloaded
  • Speed up due diligence by enabling multiple interested buyers to view information simultaneously for divestitures and asset sales
  • Access information related to your deal in real time via laptop or mobile device
  • Gauge the level of interest among buyers with our Data Room Insights Dashboard where teams are spending the most time reviewing documents
  • Maintain a complete audit history and compliance archive throughout the deal
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Key capabilities for creditor and debtor communication include:

  • Quickly share lease agreements, pension documents, restructuring models, financing information and other important records across teams
  • Protect sensitive information about restructuring plans by restricting content access to members of the restructuring team
  • Manage important collaboration with greater security and traceability than email with built-in Q&A and document approval workflow
  • Bring efficiency and added value beyond due diligence with Intralinks Deal Marketing and DealVision

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US$9.45 billion

Sempra Energy
Sempra Energy used Intralinks for its restructuring of Energy Future Holdings for an estimated USD 9.45 billion.

US$1.828 billion

Whiting Petroleum Corp used Intralinks to complete a debt restructuring transaction with Creditors, in a transaction valued at USD 1.828 billion.
Tombstone: Weatherford International

USD2.5 billion

Weatherford International
Weatherford has completed a debt for equity restructuring with creditors.
Tombstone: Takata Corporation

USD1.6 billion

Takata Corporation
Takata Corporation has been acquired out of Japanese and US bankruptcy by Key Safety Systems for USD1.6 billion.

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